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Lucas is home to approximately 5015 people, and a large population of dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, llamas, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens,and other animals. Animal lovers are welcome and all those who wish to enjoy and maintain this uniquely Lucas lifestyle.

Most lots in Lucas are 2 acres and up, with a few developments that are 1 or 1.5 acres. Lucas requires large lot sizes because sewer utilities are not provided to residential areas, or brought into the heart of the city.

Lucas residents have long defended their country lifestyle against sewer which increases taxes, traffic and population. Sewer not only increases resident expenses, but also enables the development of high-density housing, zero-lot homes and apartments. Residents who seek a city lifestyle want a different environment than country dwellers. Resident population in one high density development can outnumber and outvote those wishing to maintain large lots and a country lifestyle.

Lucas is also home to some wilder residents - coyotes, snakes (some poisonous), possums, raccoons, bob cats, armadillos, hawks, falcons, owls, and other wild life. For the most part it is easy to co-exist, but cat and small dog owners must be on guard or their pets may become prey.


If you have lived in the city most of your life, you probably have never heard of septic which is basically very small waste treatment equipment for residents.

Lucas founders decided long ago to preserve large lots and country feel by keeping sewer out.

Once sewer utility is available, developers will build high-density developments and quickly turn country into city.
Septic systems do require maintenance. It is a small price to pay for our large lots and the peaceful lifestyle we enjoy here.


Lucas Fire Department is volunteer.

ETJ stands for Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. Basically, for a homeower it means you do not pay for city taxes. Your property is outside of city limits.
Often, it may also mean you do not receive city services like police protection and fire protection. Lucas ETJ residents pay a higher water rate than residents to offset the infrastructure costs.
Before buying a home in a city's ETJ, please make sure you check with the city to see what services you can expect to receive.

Every subdivision has its own rules and regulations. Even though you may live on 2 acres, not all subdivisions allow horses. Ask before you buy!
There are many horse-friendly subdivisions. New horse-friendly developments are always cropping up.



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